The Volodalen project in Tohouè

Since 2007, the association Volodalen is located in Tohoué, a village located in southern Benin. It works alongside the poorest by culture, training, sport. In 10 years, many activities are organized in the field of culture, learning or sport, mainly with children. The project is managed daily by Alexandre with the support of Ulrich.


With sponsorship, we try to give the poorest children in the village the opportunity to continue their studies despite their great precariousness.
School in Benin is not completely free. A subscription must be paid by each student at the beginning of the year. Children who can not pay are excluded from classes after a few weeks. Volodalen helps 18 children from Tohouè, mostly orphans of their 2 parents. This number is increasing every year. A sponsorship includes the payment of his school registration, a small amount of money to pay for his lunch and a special follow-up to help him with his school difficulties and his orientation.

Computer room – Library – Internet café

The association rents a room in which twenty computers are available to children and adults. Computer classes are organized by Alexandre who himself has been trained thanks to Volodalen. This room is also used as a study room. A small library and school books are available.
Since this year, we have set up an internet connection. This remains very rare for a Beninese village. Connected computers are available to children.


Volodalen supports the football club. We participated in the construction of the football field, we regularly provide balloons, jerseys and other equipment. Tournaments are organized. After some difficulties, the club is now completely run by the inhabitants of Tohouè.


The funding for this project is mainly done with the goodwill of several volunteers who participate financially or actively. The main source of income comes from the organization of the 70 km Jura Trail Volodalen Trail around Lake Vouglans in the Jura in France.