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L’association Volodalen Solidaire a été fondée par un petit groupe d’amis passionnés de course à pied. Nous avons décidé de partager notre passion en organisant dans la nature sauvage de notre Jura un trail au profit des plus démunis au Bénin en Afrique. Les trails de notre association se déroulent chaque année à la fin du mois de juillet dans la région du lac de Vouglans trail-volodalen.com et la nuit au mois de novembre dark-trail.com

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Future Champions

Sport was the second focus of our volunteers’ visit in late 2022. Our volunteers Sali and Arnaud are sports professionals, respectively in triple jump & long jump and pole vault. […]

Our association and our partner, the Donatin association, are in the process of raising funds for the construction of a new orphanage and a new school. But why? And what […]

Psychomotricity and learning

At the beginning of October, we had the chance to welcome Arnaud, a volunteer within our association and a professional in sports and health. Having followed the trainings of the […]

A visit to Donatin!

At the beginning of October, Olivier, president of Volodalen Solidaire, Julien, fundraiser, Arnaud and Sali, volunteers, came to visit the Foyer Augustine. A great opportunity to present them our construction […]

Thanks to all of you

Congratulations to the 1240 runners and thank you to all the volunteers for your participation to our Trail Volodalen. The weather forecast looked terrible but we were finally spared. Find […]

Visit in March 2019

Hassan, Olivier, Delphine, Isabelle, Nicolas, Valérie, Monika and Sarah visited Tohouè (Benin) in March 2019. The stay was rich in beautiful experiences and the result is very positive for the […]

Planning next visit to Benin

The team is planning to visit Tohoue Benin again in March 2019. If you’re interested in joining along or any other type of support please contact Olivier@volodalen.com .