Sponsor a child

Sponsor for a child in Tohoué and allow him or her to continue their education. Our sponsored children are among the most troubled of the village. Our local coordinator, Alexandre monitors the sponsored children, under the control of a steering committee comprising officials and local actors (director of the school, the village mayor, parents, members association, etc). Sponsorship covers the common costs such as, tuition, books, mandatory formal attire, t-shirts, special school trips and in some cases, food.

How to sponsor
The cost of sponsorship is: € 12.5 per month. The sponsor must commit to a minimum of 1 year, for a total of € 150. / year. The sponsored child will agree to send the sponsor a minimum of two letters in the year explaining how they are doing (most likely in French). At the end of the school year, a report is then submitted to the sponsor by Volodalen association to keep the sponsor informed of the status of the student.

1 – Send a letter with your name and address to: Volodalen Solidaire – 6 Place du Chalet 39270 PLAISIA – France
2 – In the letter include € 150 (or more checks totaling € 150 we will charge according to your wishes) pay to the order of: Association Volodalen
3 – In the month following receipt of your mail, we will send you a letter with a receipt for the amount paid and the full name of the sponsored child.
4 – During the year you will receive a letter from the sponsored child, which will include an address with which you can write the child directly.
5 – At the end of the school year, Volodalen Association sends a second letter to keep you informed of the completion of the school year by the child and use the money you paid.

Sponsorships cover the costs of the school year, consequently sponsorships must be received by December 31st of the school year. Sponsorships received after this date will be used for the next academic year which starts in September.

100% of your money – 100% safety
100% of the money you pay is used for the benefit of the child, no part of that money goes to the Association or anyone else. If the amount paid exceeds the needs of the child, the balance is used to other disadvantaged children of the village.

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Volodalen Association is a 1901 French non-profit association. The goal of Volodalen Association is to foster participation in culture, education, sport, especially focused on the underprivileged and youth. Depending on where you live, donations could be tax deductible. If you feel moved to donate, please send donation to:

Volodalen Solidaire
6 Place du Chalet
Pay to the order of: Association Volodalen

Please include your name and address so that we can send you back a receipt of donations for your records.