1. Sponsor a child’s schooling

Become the sponsor of a child in Tohouè and enable him or her to receive a quality education. The sponsored children are among the most disadvantaged in the village. The administrative and social follow-up of the sponsored children is carried out by Alexandre, a Volodalen employee on site, under the supervision of a social worker. The sponsorship covers school fees (registration fees, exercise books, compulsory official uniform, sportswear, etc.), exceptional school expenses (school travel, tutorials and exam fees, etc.) and lunch at the school canteen. The annual amount to cover these expenses for 1 child is €200.

It is also possible to sponsor an orphan child for all his or her needs: schooling, accommodation, food and medical care. The annual amount for these expenses is €1000 per child.

We are a recognized non-profit organization. We are therefore authorized to give you a tax receipt so that you can benefit from a tax reduction in exchange for your donation.

By making a donation to the Volodalen Solidaire association, you can deduct 60% of the amount donated from your taxes. So your donation of €200 costs you just €80.

You are also free to choose the amount of your donation. We can group the sums donated by several people for the same child. The child will then have several sponsors.

Link to online sponsorship on the HelloAsso platform

2. Make a free donation

3. Becoming a volunteer

Organizing the 2 trails requires quite a lot of human resources. If you’re interested in volunteering on one of the trails, please contact us. We’ll be delighted to get back to you with more information.

4. Sponsorship or free donation procedure

100% of your donation – 100% secure

All the money you pay is used for the benefit of the child. There are no administrative costs.

Sponsorship is €200 to support a child’s school year.

The association can establish a link between the child and the sponsor, in the form of handwritten letters, photos, e-mails and regular communication of school results.

The following payment methods are available: secure online payment or bank transfer.


For online donations, we use the HelloAsso platform, which hosts 322 250 associations. Your payment is 100% secure.

Payment by bank transfer

Please send us an e-mail to inform us of your bank transfer: olivier@volodalen.com

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BIC (Bank Identifier Code)
Crédit Agricole d’Orgelet (France)

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