The Volodalen project in Tohouè, a village in Benin

Since 2007, our association has been based in Tohouè, a village in southeastern Benin. We work alongside the most disadvantaged to meet their needs in terms of education, basic necessities, culture and sport. Our main focus is on children.

1. Child sponsorship

We sponsor the schooling of 36 children in Benin. Thanks to these sponsorships, we hope to offer the most disadvantaged children in the village the chance to continue their studies, despite their precarious situation. School in Benin is not completely free. A subscription must be paid by each pupil at the beginning of the year. Children who are unable to pay are excluded from classes after a few weeks.

Volodalen Solidaire helps 36 children in Tohouè, mainly orphans who have lost both parents. This number increases every year. A sponsorship includes payment of the child’s school enrolment, tuition fees, lunch and special follow-up to help with school difficulties and guidance. The annual amount to cover these expenses for 1 child is €200.

It is also possible to sponsor an orphan child for all his or her needs: schooling, accommodation, food and medical care. The annual amount for these expenses is €1,000 per child.

2. Support for the Donatin association in Benin

Since 2019, we have been actively supporting the Beninese association Donatin, whose project is to build an orphanage and school in Tohouè. The aim is to provide a home, education and vital necessities for the most destitute children. Today, the orphanage is home to 55 orphaned or abandoned girls and the school to 720 children. The buildings on both sites are rented out, making the sustainability of the project highly precarious and uncertain. Space is also in short supply. We are helping the Donatin association to acquire land on which to build its own premises. Due to a lack of funds, work has only just begun, but the budget is far from complete. We also regularly visit the site to organize activities with the children.

Our donations to the Donatin association and actions in the field have already enabled us to :

  • Building a computer & library room in the school.
  • We regularly bring in computers and books. We have also organized online courses for the trainers.
  • Purchase of a 1.4 ha plot of land on which we have financed a farm that provides food (in part) for the orphanage. This farm also has a pedagogical interest: the girls of the orphanage can participate in supporting their own project.
  • Sponsor girls from the orphanage.
  • Communication for the Donatin association: website, social networks, photos, responses to calls for projects.


3. Support the orphanage construction

The Donatin orphanage is housed in a rented house in Tohouè. The building is no longer fit for purpose. Donatin has begun construction of its own orphanage. We decided to support this wonderful project.


4. Stays in Tohouè

Members of the Volodalen association regularly visit Tohouè to monitor project progress and provide on-the-spot support. We work closely with Lucette, the founder of the Donatin association. The following is a non-exhaustive list of our activities in the field:

  • Scouts went to Tohouè during the summer of 2023 to give tutoring and organize activities with the children.
  • Hassan, a German Youtubeur, came to give welding lessons and build the water tower for the farm.
  • Christelle, a school principal from France, came to share her experience with the school’s teachers.
  • Olivier regularly gives computer and photography lessons, and has set up the accounting system.
  • Arnaud and Saliyya, both top-level sportsmen, have organized sessions with the children and trained the primary school teachers. They have also taught primary reflex exercises for children with learning difficulties.

5. Sports activities

Volodalen supports the soccer club. We helped build the soccer pitch, and regularly supply balls, shirts and other equipment. Tournaments are organized. After some difficulties, the club is now fully managed by the people of Tohouè.

Arnaud, a world-class athlete, introduced boys and girls to the pole vault. Certainly a first for the village.