Future Champions

Sport was the second focus of our volunteers’ visit in late 2022. Our volunteers Sali and Arnaud are sports professionals, respectively in triple jump & long jump and pole vault. Their visit was an opportunity for the students to benefit from specialized sports lessons!

The field was prepared for their arrival. Sand turned over, bamboo cut and elastic stretched, everything was custom set up for this particular sports session. On one side long jump and on the other pole vault. The Champions rotated between these new activities and their regular sessions with their teachers.

Sali has been practicing the long jump since she was a child. It is therefore natural for her to observe and correct the children’s technique. They have been able to improve their technique thanks to her expertise.

Having participated in the World Athletics Championships, Arnaud has a real knowledge of pole vaulting techniques. The Champions, joined by teenagers from the village, enjoyed the unique floating sensation that this sport offers.

These animations took place several times during the visit of our volunteers. Arnaud and Sali hope to have entertained the children and who knows, create vocations.