Training in agriculture and livestock

In the previous article, we presented our desire to create a training centre. The first would be based on digital skills.The second training course would have a completely different purpose: learning about agriculture and animal husbandry.

Much of the food served to the beneficiaries is produced by the hostel. The meat comes from a chicken and rabbit farm located in an annex to the orphanage. Although this does not cover the annual needs, it nevertheless allows for significant savings and quality control. The other meats are bought at the market in Djeregbé, the nearest town to Tohouè.

Agricultural products are produced on the future grounds of the new buildings. The most widespread crop is manioc, a staple of Beninese cuisine. But Donatin’s production is not limited to this! Sweet potatoes and spices are also grown in large quantities. A dedicated area has been set aside for them once the buildings have been constructed.


And for good reason, we want to keep and even expand these projects in order to integrate them into our training centre. They are a direct access to essential professions. In contrast to our project for a digital skills training centre, we hope to appeal to an entirely different audience, one that is just as passionate about learning and eager to learn!

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